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Making the Business Case for Remote Workers with VoIP

A white paper from Ziff Davis.

This guide is the first in a two-part series examining the opportunity presented to businesses by remote working. Our analysis here is focused on defining and framing the opportunity. There is a plethora of trends driving the need for remote working, both specific to the workplace and more broadly to society at large. Once these have been considered, businesses must look at the associated benefits in terms of their impact on the organization as well as the performance of employees.

On a more tactical level, IT decision makers need to understand the enabling technologies for remote working and then determine which ones make the most sense to support their business objectives within the existing infrastructure environment.

These topics comprise the scope of this guide, and will provide a solid foundation for understanding what the trend toward remote working could mean for your business. Building on that, our next guide will address the key network considerations for IT to support remote workers as well as the key business level considerations to make the case to management and get their buy-in.

Download the complete White Paper - click here.